From the moment professional-grade hand held video cams came out, I was hooked! Now I was able to not only catch and freeze moments of movement, but I could follow a movement from start to finish. After some years of video assignments I made the next logical leap – into film making. The clips below are a small sampling of my work.

NRITYAGRAM: For The Love of Dance Promo


Bell 8

National Park Service All-Women Lifeguard Tournament 2015

Climate Change March – New York

Trip to Emma’s Torch Classroom Cafe

Buglisi Dance Theatre at Kaatsbaan 2018

‘FOOTHOLD’ Juilliard New Dances Edition

Flanders Remembers

International Ballet Festival of Havana

Lungelo Ngamlana

Chamber Orchestra of New York

Cuban Poster Lecture – Sandra Levinson

PS 89 Limón4Kids