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Alicia Alonso back on top after health scare!

As some may know – it was a great disappointment for all that owing to ill health, Alicia Alonso did not appear at the recent 26th International Ballet Festival of Havana.

I get constant communications from the Press office in Cuba and was happy to learn the following…

ACTION Philatelic CENTENNIAL Pro-Arte Musical

Today, December 2, the day the Sociedad Pro-Arte Musical in Havana was formed a hundred years ago, a cancellation rememorativa to remember such important ephemerides was performed. This was led by Alicia Alonso, general director of the National Ballet of Cuba; Miguel Barnet, president of UNEAC; and Jesus Gomez Cairo, director of the National Music Museum.

Alicia leads a cancellation rememorativa for Sociedad Pro-Arte Musical in Havana

This rememorativa cancellation was made on the basis of the issue made in 1960, a stamp with the image of Maria Teresa Garcia Montes de Giberga, founding president of this cultural institution, an organization that played an important role in Cuban culture, the disclosure of classical music, ballet and other genres of the performing arts.

The current rememorativa cancellation has a precedent as a request of the prima ballerina assoluta Alicia Alonso to the Ministry of Communications, which based its recognition of Society Pro-Arte Musical in its centenary, “despite the limitation of its influence on the social aspect, it was highlighted by the organizational seriousness, the high quality of its shows, and has allowed access to the scene of famous Cuban artists and artistic groups of much of the world. This institution also created, in 1931, the first center for teaching ballet in our country, thus opening the way to further development of this art. “

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